We frequently act as Lead Consultant, not just because planning is crucial to unlocking value in the development process, but because we have the experience and understanding needed for the successful co-ordination of design and technical issues required to achieve planning consents.

unlocking value in the development process

Our high level of expertise in Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Strategic Environmental Planning, Minerals and Waste, Energy, Residential, Commercial and Brownfield redevelopment has required us to engage a variety of governmental and non-governmental bodies both in the UK and abroad.


The success of our planning team rests on experience and sound judgement. Our team draws from a variety of different professional backgrounds including Chartered Town Planners, Urban Designers, Landscape Architects and Legal Planners including commercial and ex local government professionals.

This varied background creates a strong base used to deliver proportionate, well informed and balanced advice. Our senior staff members are experienced expert witnesses at planning Appeals and Inquiries.

Minerals and Waste

We have worked on over 300 quarries in 55 Counties of the UK and Ireland; throughout Continental Europe, the Middle East and the Caribbean; and undertaken 18 pieces of research for the British Government mostly centred on mineral extraction, making us one of the leading consultancies in the minerals industry.

We are highly knowledgeable in leading waste management processes having worked on projects for facilities including composting and anaerobic digestion, refuse derived fuel, and waste to energy recovery through various technologies, as well as final disposal through landfill.


Our extensive knowledge and experience in this sector coupled with our inquisitive approach, sound judgment and negotiating skills enables us to navigate proposals through the planning process. Acting as advocates for our clients, we ensure all expenditure on a project is appropriately directed, thereby extracting maximum benefit from allocated budgets.

realise development opportunities from inception to completion

As experienced project managers, we are able to build teams drawing from our own experienced professionals, other specialist consultancies and our clients in-house expertise, in order to realise development opportunities from inception to completion. This can include the assessment and delivery of built after-uses.


Our founding discipline is landscape architecture. It combines environment and design, art and science. Our track record both throughout the UK and around the world spans over 30 years and is as varied as the profession is broad.

Our landscape design and assessment services cover all types of development including; retail, leisure and sports, public open space, marinas, agriculture, renewable energy, office, regeneration, industrial sites, new towns, mineral, tourism and restoration.


Projects vary considerably but our aim is always to provide the most appropriate and innovative solution to the needs of the client whether it be a Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment, the design of a public open space or acting as expert witness at Inquiry.

all services from inception to delivery

As a Registered Chartered Practice with the Landscape Institute we offer all services from inception to delivery on site whether our role is lead consultant, technical specialist or contract administrator. We also fully support our staff through the Pathway to Chartership.


Our services are rooted in urban design and landscape architecture and encompass the design process from strategic planning, masterplanning to construction details and delivery on site.

At the strategic and masterplanning scale we are experts in considering the physical nature, designations and context of a site to maximise its potential. Combined with our proven technical knowledge we take this approach forward through assessment and detailed design.


We have expertise in a vast portfolio of site and project types including residential, commercial and industrial as well as embassies, outdoor leisure and sports facilities, marinas, agriculture, renewable energy and mineral working and restoration.

bring any scheme to life

Our work is supported by a superb range of computer generated visualisation techniques with which we can help bring any scheme to life. And when the time is right, we can offer contract management and supervision services.

Urban Design

The urban realm is undergoing a sea change as national and international policy brings about a new way of living in the 21st Century. We understand sustainable development and the issues centred on climate change affecting the built and natural environment.

Our urban designers give imaginative, environmentally sound and commercially realistic advice. We want to ensure that your development achieves its full potential and contributes to the needs of future generations.


We have undertaken major research projects for the UK Government (Defra, DCLG and ODPM), Welsh Assembly Government and Scottish Parliament. These range from stakeholder consultation and disabled access to the use of anaerobic digestate and the built afteruse of quarries.

Copies of all of our research can be downloaded from the following list: