We have undertaken major research projects for the UK Government (Defra, DCLG and ODPM), Welsh Assembly Government and Scottish Parliament. These range from stakeholder consultation and disabled access to the use of anaerobic digestate and the built afteruse of quarries.

Copies of all of our research can be downloaded from the following list:

Secure and Sustainable Final Slopes for SME Aggregate Quarries - ALSFMIRO2004
Planning and Designing the Restoration of Quarries for the Benefit of People with Physical and Mental Disabilities - ALSFMIST2004
Charrettes – Stakeholder Consultation for the Mineral Industry - ALSF
A Guide to the Visual Screening of Quarries – ALSFMIRO2005
Quarries and Built Afteruses – ALSF
Penlee Quarry Historical Interpretation Project – ALSFDEFRA2006
The Quarry Design Handbook – ALSFDCLG2007
Quarry Plant in the Landscape – ALSFDEFRA2008
Artificial Soils for Quarry Restoration – ALSFDEFRA2008
A Review of Aggregates Levy Sustainable Fund Research Projects – 40 Restoration Projects
Disabled Access, A Guide for the Quarry IndustryDEFRA2008
A Critical Re-evaluation of Church LammasDEFRA2008
Developing an ecosystem approach to planningDEFRA2009
An evaluation of decisions for aggregates working in designated areas since the introduction of MPS1DEFRA2009
Artificial Soils (Phase II) – ALSFDEFRA2009-10
Silt Lagoon restoration (NE)DEFRA2009-10
Quarry entrances (NE)DEFRA2009-10
Biofertiliser and Compost Trials on mineral extraction sites in WalesDEFRA/WAG2009-10
Anaerobic Digestate and Compost Trials in Commercial ForestryDEFRA/SP2009-10
Managing Environmental Change at the Fringe: Reconnecting Science and Policy with the Rural-Urban FringeRELU2012
Wildflower Best Practice GuidanceFR2014
A Quarry Design Handbook (2014)GWP/DJA2014
National Ecosystem Approach ToolkitUKNEA2015
Mainstreaming Green InfrastructureNERC2018