Landscape & Urban Design

DJA is a registered Chartered Practice with the Landscape Institute. We offer a full range of landscape services at all scales from inception to delivery on-site, whether our role is lead consultant, technical specialist, or contract administrator. We fully support our staff through the Pathway to Chartership.

Our Landscape & Urban Design services include Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment, Masterplanning and Landscape Planning, Landscape Design, Contract Management, 3D Design and Visualisation, & Research

Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment

We produce landscape sensitivity and capacity studies, both LVIA and LVA, as part of initial site appraisals and green belt reviews in support of planning applications for a wide variety of projects. We have contributed to all three editions of the Guidance for Landscape and Visual Impact Assessments (GLVIA).

Masterplanning and Landscape Planning

At the strategic and masterplanning scale, we are experts in considering the physical nature, designations, and context of a site to maximise its potential. We advise clients on landscape capacity from inception to help guide development strategies. By utilising 3D modelling technology, we are capable of designing masterplans which work with the natural topography and can provide cut and fill analysis at the outset of a project.

Landscape Design

Our founding discipline is landscape architecture. It combines environment and design, art and science. Our track record both throughout the UK and around the world spans nearly 40 years and is as varied as the profession is broad.

Our landscape design services cover all types of development including; residential, retail, leisure and sports, public open space, marinas, agriculture, renewable energy, office, regeneration, industrial sites, new towns, mineral, tourism, restoration and even award-winning show gardens.

Contract Management

We are highly experienced in overseeing the tenders, administration and contract management of a mixed and varied range of projects using JCLI and other forms of contract. We can undertake a project management role or form part of a larger team to ensure the work is completed to the highest standards. We have worked on many design and build projects and have been novated to provide services on projects in excess of £100 million.

3D Design and Visualisation

Our work is supported by a superb range of computer-generated visualisation techniques with which we can help bring any scheme to life. This includes all four visualisation types from annotated viewpoints to photoreal photomontages. 3d modelling and video flythroughs are used in support of much of our work. Visual analysis and testing form part of our LVIA work.

Our 3d design work ranges from small scale landscape detailing to the design of superquarries and urban extensions. Our quarry design work has seen us at the forefront of the mineral industry for decades, offering site design, phasing and volumetric calculations for both hard rock and sand and gravel extraction.


We have undertaken major research projects for the UK Government (Defra, DCLG and ODPM), Welsh Assembly Government, Scottish Parliament, with Birmingham City University, and the University of Northumbria. These have included stakeholder consultation, disabled access, the use of anaerobic digestate, the built afteruse of quarries, and the planning of urban fringes and green infrastructure.

Secure and Sustainable Final Slopes for SME Aggregate Quarries – ALSF (MIRO 2004)

Planning and Designing the Restoration of Quarries for the Benefit of People with Physical and Mental Disabilities - ALSF (MIST  2004)

Charrettes – Stakeholder Consultation for the Mineral Industry – ALSF (MIST 2005)

A Guide to the Visual Screening of Quarries – ALSF (MIRO 2005)

Quarries and Built Afteruses – ALSF (MIST 2006)

Penlee Quarry Historical Interpretation Project – ALSF (Defra 2006)

Quarry Plant in the Landscape – ALSF (Defra 2008)

Artificial Soils for Quarry Restoration – ALSF (Defra 2008)

A Review of Aggregates Levy Sustainable Fund Research Projects – 40 Restoration Projects (Defra 2008)

Disabled Access, A Guide for the Quarry Industry (Defra 2008)

A Critical Re-evaluation of Church Lammas (Defra 2008)

Developing an ecosystem approach to mineral planning (Defra 2009)

An evaluation of decisions for aggregates working in Designated areas since the introduction of MPS1 (Defra 2009)

Artificial Soils (Phase II) – ALSF (Defra 2009-10)

Silt Lagoon restoration (NE) (Defra 2009-10)

Quarry entrances (NE) (Defra 2009-10)

Biofertiliser and Compost Trials on mineral extraction sites in Wales (Defra/WAG 2009-10)

Anaerobic Digestate and Compost Trials in Commercial Forestry (Defra/SP 2009-10)

Managing Environmental Change at the Fringe: Reconnecting Science and Policy with the Rural-Urban Fringe (RELU 2012)

Wildflower Best Practice Guidance (FR 2014)

A Quarry Design Handbook (2014) (GWP/DJA 2014)


Mainstreaming Green Infrastructure (NU ESRC 2018)

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