Jun 12th 2019
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May 13th 2019
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Hillhead Quarry

DJA recently competed a Review of Mineral Permissions (ROMP) at Hillhead Quarry, Devon on behalf of Aggregate Industries UK Ltd. In addition to planning and legal aspects, DJA were also responsible for scheme design, restoration proposals and the preparation of Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment. The review included the incorporation of the Houndaller extension site permission into the ROMP and thereby extending the life of the permission by 19 years.

Following negotiations with Devon County Council a new set of conditions were agreed which allows for mineral extraction and processing up to 2037. During the course of the application DJA also prepared and submitted a successful application for the widening of Clay Lane to allow HGVs from the quarry gain easier access to the A38 road. A unilateral undertaking prepared and negotiated by DJA seeks to ensure that the widening of Clay Lane takes place within a specified timeframe.